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Are you caught up in an online fraud investigation? Online and internet-related fraud is on the rise and becoming increasingly sophisticated in nature. Authorities now use dedicated teams to track and detect online crimes, most of which involve identity fraud and stealing funds using fraudulent means. As well as ‘phishing’ and other email scams used to obtain personal details, internet-related offences can include charity and retail fraud, fake money transfers and stock market manipulation schemes.

Being accused of internet fraud can be distressing and confusing, particularly if you lack the technical knowledge you’re accused of exploiting. Internet fraud also often involves complex jurisdictional issues as well as the possibility of extradition proceedings. As well as advising on procedural issues related to your case, our team of specialist lawyers will ensure that computer-based evidence presented by the authorities is rigorously challenged and subject to detailed forensic analysis.

We can provide legal as well as technical expertise to assist in your defence over any allegations of online fraud. If you suspect your online activities are being scrutinized by the authorities, contact us immediately for 24/7 confidential advice and a free initial consultation.

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