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Are you being investigated for large scale credit card fraud? If so, you need to talk to a legal expert who can guide you through the complexities of such cases. While credit card and identity fraud cases are on the increase, they can be hard to prosecute successfully because authorities must prove that those accused deliberately set out to defraud. If cardholders’ details or identities have been stolen, for example, they are more likely to be victims of crime than perpetrators.

Our team of solicitors can advise on your legal rights and the strength of any case against you. We can determine whether evidence has been correctly attributed or collected using the appropriate powers. If this is not the case, the evidence against you may well be inadmissible in court.

Being accused of serious credit card fraud could have serious consequences for your livelihood and reputation and even result in a prison sentence if you’re successfully prosecuted. We have many years of experience in defending clients against charges of credit card fraud so contact us without delay to discuss the details of your case.

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